Our Vision is to make the world happier and healthier.

Secure Future By Healing With Ultimate Sound Frequencies To Enrich Humanity With Healthier And Wealthier Mindset with Zero Financial Endure.

Our mission is to make the world happier and healthier.

Get Maximum Benefit of Nikezin Ultimate Sound Music Stripes and share the Experience unlimitedly.

Our mission is to make the world happier and healthier.

Meditation and Yoga Music

Mind and soul relaxing music

Instrumental relaxing music

Sleep and calm relaxing music

Spiritual relaxing music

Natural music

We're a small and mighty team passionate about mental fitness, relaxation and sleep.

We're a few more superstars. Maybe you'd like to join us!?

Our Leadership

Sanjaya Rodrigo


Michel Fayne

CEO & Director

Jeremy Godwin


Hello friends,

I'm a Grammy Nominated producer engineer with 40 years of experience in the music business who's workd with artists ranging from Bob Marley to Elton Jhon so I know important sound is in everyday life, When you listen to a peace of music you like or even love have you ever thought exactly why that is?

Well it's a combination of a few key elements, firstly the song secondly the music and thirdly the arrangement But there is one more kwy element that you might not be Consciously aware of And that's the sonic frequencies the studio engineer manipulates to make you feel a certain way,I'e Bass frequencies make you feel warm and relaxed and mid to hi frequencies can simulate you and make you feel more alert, And this why our sonic environment is just as important as our visual environment. So I'm very happy to endored Nikezin family as an easy way for anyone to achieve a more balanced and peaceful way of existence, So sit back listen and enjoy!


Director | Ceo

Nikezin Limited