Nikezin New Year’s Eve Promotion

Nikezin Limited proudly announces The 2022 New Year’s Eve Promotion for Worldwide PRC members.

All the New members completing Orion I status will be awarded a one night luxury stay at a 5* hotel included meals for two heads.

Achievers complete Orion II Status to Bronze status will be Awarded the Luxury Stay at a 5* hotel with meals for two heads and a Cash Award.

  • The commencement date of the New Years Eve promotion evaluations is 14th of October 2021.
  • The Evaluation period will be Ceased on 14th of December 2021.
  • Already Orion I status holders should achieve at least one greater status.
  • The stay will be a night between 23rd to 31st of December 2021.
  • Only one of the triple heads will be considered as an achiever.
  • Silver and above Status holders are not Eligible for New Years Eve Promotion as you are already Entitled for Nikezin Annual Tour Bonus
Cash Awards

Orion II


Orion III


Orion IV


Orion V




**Nikezin Limited holds the right to change terminates or determine above promotion.